Munas is a full-time mother to 8 year old Alessi and 5 year old Anna. Munas is a Single Mother by choice through IVF and sperm donors.

At the age of 25, Munas knew she wanted to conceive her 1st child by age 30. With or without a man in her life, Munas was determined to have her own children. Finally blessed at age 31, Munas conceived Alessi and she never looked back.

Munas is a very strict yet fun mum.  She believes the basic foundation of a child prior to the age of 3 and 5 is extremely important and stresses on her children to be kind, loving, respectful, obedient yet with a free spirit. Her methodologies on raising her 2 daughters are unconventional just as she is.

Everything Munas does is 1st and foremost for her children. She believes a life with Significance and Legacy is very important. Munas aspires to soon open a school where she can pass down her methodologies in raising children to other children and parents.