Parenting Tips: Essential Self-Care Tricks For Busy Parent


Parenting Tips: Essential Self-Care Tricks For Busy Parent

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Finding a balance between career and family life can be quite a challenge. Parents tend to be so engrossed with one or the other, or both, that they forget to take care of themselves. They should realize that in order for them to keep up with the hustles and bustles of parenthood, their individual needs must be met too. Listed below are a few self-care tips that can rejuvenate any weary-eyed mom and dad.

Healthy Eating Is Key

Children aren’t the only ones who would benefit from a healthy diet. Parents need the daily fix of fruits and green leafy vegetables too! Kids Health noted that it’s not enough for parents to eat healthily. They should also eat with their children. Meal-time conversations are great outlets for stress and it allows parents the opportunity to mutually connect with their kids.

Those Calories Won’t Burn Themselves

According to a study from the University of Pittsburgh via Web MD, new parents are more likely to adopt a sedentary lifestyle than married couples without kids. New parents usually prefer staying at home as much as possible to care for their little bundle of joy. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with that, long stretches without exercise also has some negative effects.

“It does not take a lot of time to achieve a basic level of fitness,” said New York fitness trainer Brad Schoenfeld. “People tend to think they need to spend hours on end at the gym. It’s the quality, not the quantity. With a 15- to 20-minute weight workout, you can achieve great benefits.”

Alone Time With Bae

Couples started out as lovers before becoming parents. Parenting coach Dana Hirt wrote on Huffington Post that tending to a partner’s needs is as important as caring for the child. It is highly-recommended for parents to schedule regular date nights in which they can cater to each other’s emotional needs and reawaken their romantic flame.

Avoid Comparing With Others

In the realm of self-care, parents should stick to what works best for them. They should find comfort and satisfaction in their interests, instead of following what their friends are flaunting on Twitter or Instagram. Parents should recognize what is relevant to them and avoid getting sidetracked by what others are doing.

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