3 Small But Impactful Ways To Practice ‘Gentle Parenting,’ The New Trend In Raising Children


3 Small But Impactful Ways To Practice ‘Gentle Parenting,’ The New Trend In Raising Children

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BERLIN – AUGUST 31: Oliver H., 42, a married federal employee on 6-month paternity leave, reads to his twin 14-month-old daughters Alma (R) and Lotte at his home on August 31, 2010 in Berlin, Germany.

Parents deal with their child differently. Some are strict and authoritative while others are sympathetic and understanding. No matter what parenting strategy one uses, one thing is certain, every parent needs one to discipline a child.

Parenting Styles Differ

According to Vanderbilt, among the types of parenting styles are authoritative, neglectful, permissive and authoritarian. Authoritative is the most effective and parents who practice this are easy to spot on because of their high expectations for their child. Authoritarian, on the other hand, is also called strict parenting, where a parent is demanding but not responsive.

Neglectful and permissive parenting are harmful parenting styles. The former usually applies to absentee parents who struggle to form a relationship with their child. Meanwhile, the latter is also known as indulgent parenting when parents are too responsive but not demanding. This parenting style may produce children with very little self-discipline and self-control.

Not Fighting Doesn’t Mean Permissiveness

If parents and children don’t fight does this mean that the parents are being permissive? Sarah, said no. But how?

“There is no permissiveness in gentle parenting,” she said. “Discipline and boundaries play a vital component. The difference is, gentle parents understand that discipline is all about teaching the child to be better and do better. Children don’t learn anything from smacking, time-out, or punishments; research has shown that these demotivate children.”

Gentle Parenting Results In Responsible Children

If you want to grow a responsible child, you may consider gentle parenting. Sarah Ockwell-Smith, an author and parenting expert said that gentle parenting is just a phrase she uses that refers to empathetic and respectful parenting.

In this parenting style, parents are always mindful of their children’s feelings. Gentle parenting is a team up work between parents and children. It is not viewing parenting as a battlefield,Independent reported.

Try The New Trend

So, what’s the best way to practice gentle parenting? Here are a few things you can try to slowly introducing gentle parenting:

Communicate: Communication is a key to building a relationship and understanding each other. For parents to understand their children’s behavior they should communicate.

Connect: Sometimes children misbehave to get their parents’ attention because they feel disconnected. So, for parents, always connect with your child.

Be Consistent: Sometimes parents get tired in disciplining their child due to work and other responsibilities. However, to build a disciplined and strong parent-child relationship, it is important to be consistent until the teachings become a second nature to the child.

According to Sarah’s website, she’s a parenting author, writer and coach. She has four school-aged children, three boys and one girl — so you know that Sarah actually knows what she’s talking about.

Do you agree with Sarah’s parenting style? How do you discipline your children? Share your thoughts below.

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